Available courses

The Occupation and the Training Process (RAC-759311)

Job Search Techniques (RAC-759492)

Maintaining Liquid Heating Systems (RAC-759488)

Maintaining Forced-Air Heating Systems (RAC-759477)

Preventive Maintenance of Heating Systems (RAC-759466)

Maintaining Northern Plumbing Systems (RAC-759458)

Preventive Maintenance of Northern Plumbing Systems (RAC-759445)

Communicating in the Workplace (RAC-759432)

Warehouse Management (RAC-759423)

Maintaining Security Systems (RAC-759412)

Repairing Home Appliances (RAC-759405)

Maintaining Electrical Materials (RAC-759398)

Maintaining Tools and Equipment (RAC-759384)

Concepts of Electricity (RAC-759373)

Interior Building Work (RAC-759368)

Exterior Building Work (RAC-759358)

Measurements and Calculations (RAC-759343)

Reading Building Plans and Specifications (RAC-759333)

Occupational Health and Safety (RAC-759322)