Available courses

The Occupation and the Training Process (RAC-961012)

Entering the Work Force (RAC-961238)

Career Development (RAC-961222)

Accounting Systems (RAC-961213)

Income Tax Returns (RAC-961204)

Year-End Tasks (RAC-961195)

End-of-Period Tasks (RAC-961185)

Cost of Goods and Services (RAC-961175)

Efficiency (RAC-961165)

Daily Tasks (RAC-961154)

Processing Data (RAC-961144)

French Correspondence (RAC-961134)

Payroll (RAC-961122)

Communicating in French (RAC-961115)

Professional Relationships (RAC-961102)

Legislation Affecting Businesses (RAC-961093)

Handling cash (RAC-961083)

Processing Source Documents (RAC-961074)

English Correspondence (RAC-961066)

Formatting correspondence (RAC-961054)