Available courses

Entering the Workforce (RAC-960746)

Coordinating Multiple Tasks (RAC-960733)

Technical Support (RAC-960722)

Producing Reports (RAC-960714)

Meetings and Events (RAC-960704)

Following Up on Business Correspondence (RAC-960695)

Interacting in French (RAC-960683)

Digital Media (RAC-960672)

Business Texts in French (RAC-960666)

Visual Design of Documents (RAC-960656)

Producing Tables and Charts (RAC-960644)

Translation (RAC-960635)

Handling Cash (RAC-960623)

Creating Databases (RAC-960613)

Business Correspondence (RAC-960605)

Accounting Operations (RAC-960596)

Business Texts in English (RAC-960584)

Designing Presentations (RAC-960572)

Producing Spreadsheets (RAC-960562)

Document Management (RAC-960554)